Brian Parnham


Welcome to the official online portal to the explorations of electronic artist Brian Parnham.

This site contains the latest news from the Floating Point Studio, upcoming releases, works-in-progress updates and any other related info.


“Electro-Acoustic Ambience” - Using atmospheric textures, drones, grooves and processing, electronic artist Brian Parnham carves out an environment for deep auditory exploration.

Parnham’s inspiration is heavily influenced from the peaceful solitude of the Western U.S. deserts, drawing from both the wide open landscapes and the cloisters of the sandstone slot canyons. He fully embraces all levels of technology, new and old, to create deeply stratified and spacious sonic imagery.

Sept 2012 - Transitions... 

The Floating Point is on the move once again.  The “RochVegas”, NH location for the studio has closed and I am currently on the road to a series of destinations for the next several months.

As such, online CD orders have been disabled on this portal, but can still be purchased at CDBaby and  Thanks for your support.